Wednesday, August 15, 2007

picking up speed

T -7 days and counting. As I type, one of the astronauts orbiting the Earth right now is a graduate from my high school. I hope they land safely.

Day 2 of New Teacher Workshops has concluded with a lovely bus tour of the district. Actually, it was a good idea and gave me a chance to see my town from a different perspective. Tomorrow I will learn about "Highly Effective Questioning." For some reason, I'm looking forward to it.

Monday was thus my last day of freedom. It truly was free since we dropped off L and J at daycare. I spoiled myself mercilessly: went swimming, got a haircut, spent $100 on books (all eligible for reimbursement because I won a grant last year to buy a classroom library), grabbed a coffee with my husband, and even caught a matinée movie by myself. It was awesome. I chose to see the Bourne Ultimatum because I heard it was a good movie, rightly so. All action, enough plot to stand on (though not much more), and a main character who is very easy on the eyes. What is there not to like?


Blogger Stormmaster said...

I do not like Matt Damon ... his face always seems to be a little too soft for the dying hard action stereotype.

1:33 AM  

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