Sunday, August 28, 2005


At some point in your life, you'll be sitting around in a circle with a bunch of strangers and someone (probably a teacher) will ask "If you were in a fire and could only save a couple things, what would you take?"

This is my answer, in the order I grabbed it:

1. shorts
2. Laura
3. fleece bodysuit for Laura, tag still on
4. wallet & keys
5. sandals

My husband:
1. me
2. shoes
3. "important documents" folder
4. wallet & keys
5. sunglasses


Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

My kids and my cats. My wallet if I can find it. Screw the rest.

I've gone through my house with my camera, shooting every room, taking a quick visual inventory of everything I own. I store that tape off-site, so that in case I do have a fire, I have a visual reminder of everything I own.


10:28 AM  

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