Tuesday, February 20, 2007

too good not to share

Testing season is approaching again as spring draws closer. This is from a seventh-grade student (not mine personally, but one who tested in my room) last year. When they finished the state standards tests, I gave the students an activity to "show what they know" --the catch phrase from our school principal-- in another medium.

Devon B. chose a rap.

I got a pencil in my hand,
And I don’t understand.
The CSTs got me
With my hand on my head.
Now it’s finally over.
I just want to stop.
On the test they told me
“Show what you know,”
But I just forgot.


Blogger Notsocranky Yankee said...

I like it.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I've just posted about the joys of working with kids, this only affirms it.

11:12 AM  

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