Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Regrets - I've had a few

Guilt sucks. Here's a meme to answer BP.

1) Making my mom walk out of Madame Butterfly at intermission. Opera came to my hometown once in a blue moon, and I should've been honored to be my mother's date. Instead, I complained the whole time.

2) Shoplifting a candy bar from Westlake's Hardware. I returned it, but I still regret it.

3) All the chainletters I ever wrote as a kid. A waste of time and stamps. I remember copying those stupid letters by hand, what was it--seven times apiece?

4) Not sending my brother a birthday present last year.

5) Every time I sing along to the song "Jump, jump, jump" from my daughter's musical toy. The worst part is that I sing along without knowing all the words, and I still get it stuck in my head.


Blogger Old Man Rich said...

1) bad. you owe her a flight somewhere major and big opera tickets. But I guess we all owe our mums that.
2) you took it back (un sucked I assume) no crime. be guilt free.
3) your parents should have entertained you more. Cancel the guilt for (1).
4) pretty much for the last 30 years. But mines ginger so I have an excuse. If he knows you love him it wont matter, and if you dont love him a present aint gonna help.
5)Is that like VanHalen?

4:17 PM  

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