Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here it comes. It didn't occur to me until last week that this year my age matches my birth date. I'm going to Baskin-Robbins to celebrate.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

writing self-inventory

I'm planning to ask these questions to my students, but first, I'm very curious to see how you guys reply. Any answer, even for a few questions, would be much appreciated.

1. How often do you write (defined in the broadest sense, not limited to blogging)?

2. What types of writing do you do?

3. Where, besides school or work, do you write?

4. What kind of writing do you do there?

5. Do you like to write?

6. Why or why not?

7. Of the things you have written, what do you like best?

8. Why do you like them best?

9. Is anything about writing difficult for you?

10. Why do you think it is dificult?

11. How important is learning to write well?

12. Why do you think this?