Monday, December 12, 2005

Justice, Faith & Power

These are the colors of Mardi Gras, so declared the King of Carnival, Rex in 1872 (purple=justice; green=faith; gold=power).

What these colors stand for and what that party of the year represents is hotly under debate right now in the Big Easy. This story on All Things Considered shows a fair representation of both sides: those desperate to get tourism up and running to jumpstart New Orleans' economy, and those mortified that such a raucous celebration could take place amidst death, poverty, and devastation.

Personally, my heart is in New Orleans right now, not for the city leaders or the tourists or even those who lost everything from Katrina and Rita. My thoughts are with a tiny baby boy, yet to be(?), already(?) born to a mother who works in the mayor's office and a father who writes for AP. They returned to their mostly-ok home in Algiers--just across the river from the French Quarter--about a month ago. Hospitals still aren't all up and running, but my friend insisted that she wanted to have the baby in New Orleans.

Somewhere in that city gasping for breath is a little boy taking his firsts, and new life is rising up in the Delta.


Blogger Old Man Rich said...

And surely there is no better excuse for a carnival than a new child.

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