Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The more I hear and read Howard Dean, the more I like him. Yeah, I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon. I blame it on post-traumatic-stress from Wellstone's death.

Anyway, being a mother makes me rethink a lot. Like abortion. Someone's email about an ultrasound today tickled a dusty niche in my brain about how Democrats can keep the moral high ground while supporting pro-choicers. I've always been pro-choice in practice. Fundamentally, though, I lack the conviction that life doesn't begin at conception. When I saw that little pink line appear on a home pregnancy kit, everything changed.

Dean says it well in this excerpt from the 2005 California State Democratic Convention:
The issue we need to debate is not about whether abortion is a good thing or not, but whether a woman gets to make up her own mind over what kind of health care she's going to get or whether Tom DeLay gets to make up her mind for her. That's the issue we need to debate.

When I was campaigning for this job I ran into a lot of women in the south who said they were pro-life. They would tell me "I wouldn't want an abortion and I wouldn't want my daughter to have an abortion, but I'm not sure if the lady next door got herself in a fix and had to think about what to do, I'm not sure I'd want to tell her whether she should have an abortion or not."

We call that person pro-choice, but she calls herself pro-life. The minute we start talking about choice, we're not talking to her anymore.

And earlier, but more to the point:

Because the truth is there are no red states, there are no blues states. There are only American states, and we all share the same values as Americans. Our problem is not that Americans don't share our values. Our problem is that we don't communicate what those values are very well. Our problem is not that we need to change our values. Our problem is that we need to talk to people in language that is relevant to their lives and not just ours.

That's either a) damn good rhetoric, or b) exactly what we need.


Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

I choose C: Both.

What bothers me about most of the self-avowed christian conservatives is that they all seem to have the following mind-set:

It worked for me, so it should work for everybody.

They don't seem to understand how lucky they are to be in their position.

They are anti-abortion because they never needed to get one. They are pro-big business because they have a good job. They don't mind cuts in social services because they don't need them.

It never occurs to them that there are others for whom the various factors needed for a successful life did NOT fall into place.

I've never been faced with a situation where an abortion might be considered. More than likely, I would choose to have the baby (of course, being a man, it's really not my decision, but that would be my counsel). But I don't for a minute believe that my views should be universal

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to hear from you again.


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Blogger Phreadom said...

I agree with BP (as usual) and also look the liberty of linking to this post from by blog. hope you don't mind.

very good post.

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Blogger Jessica said...

Always nice to have visitors. Thanks.

12:24 PM  
Blogger ChristianConservativeFreak said...

i choose life being a christian, i have never needed an abortion, i have never had a good job and i have needed social services but not being an illigal alian but rather a white male i could not get more then a one time 5.00 yes 5 dollors to help me with my situation but the fact is the people that have the need the abortion had a choice not to have sex or to have it "murder " is not a choice there are so many familys that would take the child in adoption i confer there are alot that would not get adopted but but life is still life , the sick bastard that kills randomly is that person diserving of a choice does it make it ok then ? no real differance to me !
the only time a choice should be made would be if the life of the mother is at stake , and yet here i stand i do understand how lucky i am to be in my position i have gotten myself to some level of "working poor" but yet i would take the moral highground killing is still killing no matter what spin you put on it !

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