Monday, May 09, 2005


". . . while ones grammar does not necesarilly show ones education...when making a serious argument you need to remember to use real words and punctuation. this makes what you are saying far more solid as an argument." [sic]
-online post

I want to bring this quote to school and make all the freshmen write about it.

The point of language is communication. When awkward phrasing, spelling, and haphazard punctuation get in the way of making a point, language has failed. And yet, "I ain't got no satisfaction" isn't bad or even ungrammatical, just nonstandard.

Grammar is a matter of style. English is fluid; that's what makes it beautiful.

Is the above author right that grammar strengthens your argument and reflects a certain diligence and logic? Yes. Does his writing have errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and point of view? Yes. But, and most importantly, does he make his point?


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